Mindfulness for Schools

Invite Attention, Balance, Compassion

In one of the uniquely, largest kinds of studies in the world, the UK government has introduced Mindfulness as a subject to understand the benefit on the mental health of children.The childhood today is inundated with gadgets, online media, peer pressure, expectations to excel causing immense social, emotional stress to young lives.

An increasing number of academic studies have proven the potential benefits of mindfulness practices for students’ physical health, psychological well-being, social skills, academic performance, and more.  Other studies have indicated that mindfulness may be effective for reducing stress and burnout in teachers and administrators as well. Though Attention regulation is the core benefit of Mindfulness practice for children.

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Mindfulness is also a powerful way to affect Neuroplasticity - the brain’s capacity to form new connections in response to the environment.
- Mindfulness brings self-regulation (cognitive - your thoughts, emotional - your feelings and your relationship state-relating to self and others).

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Program highlights

  • Mindfulness-based diverse activity for every class
  • Mindfulness worksheets for every student
  • Teacher’smanual for classroom teachers
  • Teacher training & on-going support
  • Parent training (if needed)
  • Parent mindfulness manual


  • Week 1: Introduction to Experiencing Mindfulness, Exploring Body Presence, Listening and focussing on Sound as an anchor
  • Week 2: Mindful Communication, Sharing Feelings, Listening and Compassion
  • Week 3: Body is your friend, Inviting Mindfulness and Gratefulness
  • Week 4: Mindfulness inEmotions and Daily Activities, Expansion of Practice

4 Weeks / Customised as per the schools needs 


5 - 9 years & 10 - 15 years

Program Sessions

30 - 40 minutes


The Program can be arranged either at schools, activity centres at a designated location oroffered independently to a group of children from various backgrounds at any venue across

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Mindfulness in Children

Children today are growing up in a rapidly changing environment, constantly exposed to different kinds of physical, mental and emotional stimuli. The suddenness of it is leaving many of them ill-equipped to handle such change, with many exhibiting emotional distress and stress-induced behaviour.
In the one-on-one and group mindfulness sessions, Sarabsri takes children through meditation practical mindful techniques and chanting practices to help them cope with situations and continuous external stimuli. By meditating, they are able to  


Mindful Focus Groups

MINDFUL School focus groups comprising 10students can be created, with mindfulness session conducted for 30-40 minutes once in a week. This will comprise of group meditation, aware practices, songs, movement meditations, audio-video and discussions.They will continue receiving our support online and offline with downloadable, skype seminars and visits from our trained teachers.

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