one-on-one mindfulness sessions for Individual


The world today is changing. As adults we are constantly trying to keep up with it. Our professional and personal lives are intermingled, undefined by boundaries. With the rapid professional shifts, fluidity of roles, unhindered boundaries and onslaught of external media, our bodies are constantly in a state of heightened alert. Stress, psychosomatic ailments, lack of concentration, tiredness, disturbed state of mind are directly affecting workplace productivity, lowered concentration, hyper tension and lifestyle diseases.

In the one-on-one and group mindfulness sessions, we take professionals through practical mindful techniques and chanting practices to help them cope with the stress of daily living and continuous external stimuli. By meditating, they will be able to

What we offer

We offer 6 Weeks UCLA(UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES) signature Mindful Awareness Practice Course(I) and day-long workshops, online sessions, group sessions for individuals. There are special Mindfulness Workshops available for

Day Long and 4 Weeks


above 21 years

Program Sessions

30 - 40 minutes


Can be arranged at the workplace, online or other suitable venue for groups.Contact to discuss fee and other customised plans.

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