Mindfulness for Hospitals

Healing with Self-care, Compassion and Balance

Mindfulness for Hospitals

Mindfulness helps the patients, physicians and hospital staff achieve a mental state of awareness through acknowledging & accepting the present moment and creating unity between the mind & body. Mindfulness training helps improve their engagement with their parents, their own self-care and help them create a balance from running out of compassion fatigue.It fosters a sense of bodily engagement and improves an individual’s ability to promote their health and well-being outside of the clinical setting too. According to the American psychologist Carl Rogers, there are three main ingredients to a good doctor-patient relationship: empathy, honesty and genuineness. To make healthcare more compassionate we need empathy, communication and mindful awareness in the hands that heal and also in the hands that receive the healing.Mindfulness can help us achieve these three essentials in creating well-being for healthcare professionals, patients and other staff.

We offer: 
Mindful Compassionate Motivation Course  for Physicians (Individual and  Group sessions)
Duration: 4 Weeks
Venue:Online or at the hospitals

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Program Highlights

  • Mindfulness activities designed for physicians
  • Guided meditation techniques for daily living
  • PositiveEmotions, Balance and Mindful Communication
  • Posture and Movements to reduce physical stress
  • Mindful awareness techniques for Compassionate Care
  • Teacher training & on-going support
  • Tools, techniques and skills to continue mindfulness practice

Mindfulness Training Benefits for Physicians

  • Help physicians have more compassion and empathy
  • Reduce compassion burnt out and physical drain
  • Improve attention, focus and awareness
  • Reduce the communication gap between patients and staff
  • Gain better tools to respond to challenging situations
  • Have more compassionate awareness of self and others
  • Retain positive compassionate motivation to deal with challenges

Mindful Compassionate Practice Group for the Hospital

For continuing practice, the physicians and staff will be guided on how to share and grow their practice by creating aMindful Compassionate Practice Group.Online support, mentor guidance and downloadable will be made available to everyone.

Mindfulness for Patients / Pregnant Mothers / Elderly / Terminally ill / General

Mindful Compassionate MotivationCourse  for Physicians (Individual and  Group sessions)
Duration: 4 Weeks

Program Highlights

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