Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver

Have you checked in your Body,Mind and Heart today? Mindfulness is bringing awareness, compassion and balance to the Body-Mind relation.

We have become human doings instead of human beings. We are in a constant rush of past and future, our present is cluttered and lacks the balance of peace. There is an intense demand to cut through this: there are goals, timelines and social lives along with family, careers to be balanced out. How do we this? We constantly ask? How do we find the most important button to stop, breathe and relax for a while? Mindfulness is the art and science of this balance, this creative, intuitive wisdom of finding inner resourcefulness in a non-judgmental, friendly manner.It is the practice of being in the present moment with all the rush, call and difficulties it projects. It is inviting and living fully to the call of presence.

Our Approach

We offer an integrated, scientific, therapeutic and practical approach bringing Mindfulness,Self-Compassion andAwareness to curate our programs.

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Our Programs

Welcome to the journey of exploring Mindfulness-based solutions for your personal and professional work-life balance! All our courses are based on Neuroscience and secular wisdom techniques without any religious interest. Our programs invite you to connect to the universal human experience in an empathetic, compassionate, aware, open way.Everyone is welcome!


Invite Attention, Balance, Compassion

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Celebrating Here and Now

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Self-Compassion, Self-Worth,Self-Love

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Healing with Self-care,Compassion and Balance

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UCLA Training

Mindful Awareness for everyone

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Resilience,Kindness and Awareness for Self and Others

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People Stories

"My name is Alka and I am a doctor by profession. It’s a blessing to know you Sarab. Your mindfulness sessions for adults and kids have helped me my daughter to understand day to day life and master our responses in more calm and wholesome way.Your blog is a great source of inspiration for anyone starting on the journey or mindfulness.I enjoy reading all your posts and gain frequent insights. Thank you Sarab for doing the good work!!"

Dr.Alka, Mindfulness Drop-in Sessions

"I learnt valuable skills from Sarabsri’s Mindfulness session that helped me to focus. Now,I deal with projects more effectively and feel refresh throughout the day.The Mindfulness training with her is enlightening and excellent."

Arun Kumar, Co-Founder, CAKART

"Mindfulness sessions conducted by Sarabsri made me to be in the state of present moment( awareness). In the session my favourite meditation is STOP-stop, take a deep breath, observe, proceed which helped me to confidently face many different life challenges. Thank You Sarabsri for involving me in the wonderful session."

Mrs. S.Rajeswari, Lecturer, New Horizon College, Bangalore

Our Community

We offer offline and online focal groups to support everyone who completes our trainings and would need more support on deepening their practice. The Focal Groups benefit us by sharing our learning and encouraging us to continue with our practice.

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